Piedmont pagan pride day 2017

Decided to take a drive over to Charlotte area and check out the piedmont pagan pride day. Glad I did. A little smaller than the central North Carolina event, but no less inviting.

Some highlites.

Met mystical artisans ( Awesome wood burning style artwork, so ice and sci if is main genres from what I saw.

SJ tucker ( Cool music I’m checking out. One of the draws of this event I believe. Her picture was the main one I saw on many of the advertisements for ts event.

Misfits sanctuary. ( Offerings include pagan clergy. This attracted my attention because of the talk that amanda from tapa gave at mystic south. Big event coming up they were advertising is their witches ball on oct 21.

And the best part for me was getting to see Byron Ballard again and sit in on her keynote regarding what she calls the tower times. Essentially boiled down on building communities and helping each other, this concept may be over simplifying this complex topic of hers, but if you get a chance you need to catch this talk of hers. I wasn’t even aware she was attending prior to arriving at this event, the only ‘negative’ I have on the whole event, someone like Byron should have been a little more noted.

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