After walking my path for a little over 30 years, I have been convinced recently that perhaps I need to share more of what and who I am.     I wanted to start this website and blog for a couple of reasons.

  • The first is to lend support to those pagans who don't feel that they fit in any of the molds currently held to within the pagan community. This includes working toward creating sacred spaces for healing communities. 
  • Second I do teach classes.   I prefer in person learning and haven't tried my hand at too many telepresence classes but would be willing to give it a whirl if I find people who are interested. 
  • Third since I recently decided to step out of the shadows in other parts of my life figured it wouldn't hurt to see how I could reach people on this topic as well through classes and workshops as well as working toward bring together like minded individuals to build communities.
So who am I?   I walk a path that truly has no name.   Some aspects of my path do resemble shamanism, animism, and even some old folk magic paths.  But in truth I don't fit into any of these paths completely.   I have not wanted to change my path just to fit into what others concepts of my path should be since I first realized I had a path that was not the Roman Catholic I was raised.
What are my beliefs?   Simply put everything from flora, fauna, and down to the rocks we walk on, the air molecules we breath in, and even the rays of the sun that we feel on our body has a soul.   We can communicate with these aspects on a higher level as an archetype (to borrow a concept from psychology) and at a lower level as an individual entity.   I personally do not believe in the divine in any form.  No god(s), goddess(es), mother Gaia, none of those concepts work for me.  I do understand them as they have been explained to me by my friends who believe in them as well as books I've read, and can even integrate the concepts into how I see the world.   I just don't see them personally as part of my path.   I paradoxically do see the universe, planet, and some places themselves as living breathing entities, but not as divine.   They may be bigger physical entities then ourselves, but it is no more or no less then we are or than the air that we breathe.

What do I do for my pagan community? For years I did nothing.  I tried to fit in and pretend what I was; just to have a group around me and people I could rely on.   Now I have decided to just be myself and what I offer and can give to the community and not try to be everything for everyone.    I did teach classes and skills for a number of years but walked away from that for almost a decade when I moved to NC.  I am now ready again to work with the community and bring my teaching and my readings back to my new community in NC.

With this blog I hope to be able to do more.    I will be posting classes that I teach, services I offer, and some resources I find useful and I hope that something I do helps others out there as well.