Building of a community

To continue on from my post regarding Byron’s tower time talk in my writeup of my experiences at the piedmont pagan pride.

For years I have been talking to friends in the pagan community and outside it about creating a community of like minded individuals that help one another and that have the skills to do so. I have talked ad nauseam and I myself have started to see this as all talk recently, it seems to me, about this topic and buying land to make it more a reality.

This past few months I have changed this from a talk only activity to a more serious approach with goals in mind. I am writing a business plan to gain the land I want. For my own purposes I wanted 5 acres to live on, but for the community and the classes and teaching I would like to offer I’m thinking at least 20 acres.

I haven’t settled on a location yet, but I have settled on the purpose and the offerings that will be available once this is set up. Not to say that there isn’t growth potential here for someone who has a skill I haven’t considered yet, but the broad strokes are in place.

I will be primarily focusing on pagan events and workshops on the large property with offshoots into primitive living skills. I do see where there are available workshops, hit and miss locally from what I’ve seen so far. But what I haven’t seen is a good central source to go to get these workshops. I want to span these smaller communities and bring them together as many pagans I know and the more I’m getting to know lately at into both very heavily. May not be true of every pagan, but the ones I’ve met and gotten their o know over the past few years definitely.

To make this a reality I will be spending the next year re-learning the skills I had of hunting and living off the land I had when I was younger, and will be working to connect with much more knowledgeable folks than me in these areas and try to bring it together if possible and make it easier for folks in the pagan community to find.

This may be a year or two plan, and may not happen overnight. IT WILL HAPPEN.

Perhaps the end result is I go off grid (won’t be primitive living if I go off grid, but it will be a serious look on needs versus wants) and live near a few like minded folks if I get burned out in trying to make it more than that, but I’m going to put my money where my mouth has been on this topic for the last few (15) years….

One of the key concepts will be tribe and community. We are all busy, I agree. But can we learn to be there for each other without expecting a quid pro quo every time we help someone out?

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