Central North Carolina Pagan Pride 2017

Another great event held by the Raleigh Pagan Pride group ( (

So a new location/venue this year, and the change over was handled well by the hosts and the volunteers of this event. The layout of the event really did seem to work especially speaking as a vendor. Also one additional small item I want to compliment the event on is the cleanliness of the port a potties. May seem to be a small thing, but as my booth was pretty close to a set the fact that they did not stink even in the heat of the day and appeared to be cleaned overnight is a great compliment.

So onto the event itself.

As always it was a great pleasure seeing all my event friends (those I only see at events) like like Starrlight mead (, Coven le corbeau noir (, HammerSol ( As well as all the local folks I know like TAPA ( And of course a big thank you and wonderful to see you to all those that I forgot to mention writing this post a week after the event.

I did not get a chance to attend any workshops except the Heathen gathering on Sunday run by Ariel Wolfsinger. This was a great gathering in my opinion. Got to meet some of the heathen folks in area besides hammersol who I’ve seen at fairies and events for years and Danny who I met through Gina at awen bookshopshoppe. Though TAPA does a great job for all pagans, this group really wants to provide resources to the heathen community directly which is a smaller subset. Sleipnirs saddle looks to be the ‘clearing house’ for all heathen events for the near future. TAPA will try and repost those events that are open to public.

no comments on any other workshops themselves as I never got out of my booth long enough this year to really attend any.

I did get to see the end to the ritual that coven Le corbeau noir did. Was really cool ending I thought, unfortunately missed most of the ritual.

Some pics from the event:

Coven Le corbeau noir.

TAPA folks

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